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The world’s largest company director database

Director Check is a data provider and reporting agency that determines company director scores in key areas.

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What We Do

Director Check provides in-depth data and advanced analysis, to assist in the decision-making process when working with or investing in a company

Fast and Accurate

Our advanced algorithms and dedicated team ensure that you receive the most up-to-date and precise information, fast.

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Balanced Data

Blending quantitative and qualitative insights from a wide variety of sources, to provide a comprehensive view.

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Secure Platform

Your trust is our priority, all data and reports are protected by the highest standards of digital security.

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We Work With

Fortune 500 companies, as well as third-party recruitment and hiring agenciesinvestment firms, individual investors, as well as research and analysis companies.

Our reports are available in a white-label option, allowing you to add branding and include them as part of a due diligence or discovery process.

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