The world’s largest company director database

We are a data provider and reporting agency that determines company director scores in key areas.





About Us

Director Check provides in-depth data and advanced analysis, to assist in the decision-making process when investing in a company. We process public and private data on company directors to determine their scores in key areas.


Our services are driven by:

Fact Checking

We compare data to a variety of different public and private records. This ensures only accurate, factual information is presented.

Data Collection

Data is collected from a range of different sources, including our database which has the largest collection of company director information globally.

Advanced Algorithms

Our advanced algorithms cross-reference data and gather in-depth information on specific directors and companies.

Our Data

We understand that choosing the right management can drive your company’s success. Director Check has exclusive company data for over 100 countries, making us the world’s largest company director database.

By offering key metrics that are useful to investors, we can provide an in-depth overview into the performance of a company's senior management. Our data is processed by proprietary algorithms, which offer near instantaneous results for our standard check, as well as report functionality to easily and professionally share your findings.

We can source further in-depth data, including full credit checks, lists of previous companies, education, and more, on specific directors through our in-depth service.





We work directly with

companies, as well as to third-party recruitment and hiring agencies. Additionally our data can be provided to investment firms, individual investors, as well as research and analysis companies.

Our reports are available in a whitelabel option, allowing you to add branding and include them as part of a due diligence or discovery process.

Our Partnerships


Director Check has partnered with the Initial License Offering Contract Exchange (ILOCX) to fund the continued development of our software and expand the reach of our company.

ILOCX is a platform where innovative companies like us can list License Offerings. Buyers participate in our growth by promoting us on social media and other channels. In return, we’ll give you an agreed percentage of our revenue. As a result, you will profit from supporting our business and we gain the platform to revolutionize industries with our technology.






Director Check is excited to announce the Director Check API As a subscriber, you have the option to quickly receive data and integrate it into your backend system.

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